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What's KiDDY?

One Shot Photo Diary for kids

Free iPhone and Android app for parents raising kids

Download KiDDY Available on the AppStore

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Easy diary kept just by taking photos. Send your kid's memories on KiDDY Card

KiDDY is a free iPhone and Android app for parents raising kids.

Easy designing & sharing your kid's diary in your busy lifestyle.

Send KiDDY Card with your favorite photos automatically every month. (Paid service)

Secured family-only network

Special photo filters to make your kid's photos even more lively.

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One Shot Photo Diary for Kids

Made specially for busy parents

Keeping a diary of your child is very hard while you have plenty of photos in your library. KiDDY is made for such busy parents who are raising kids. KiDDY helps you organize and update your kid's diary with your favorite device; a mobile phone!

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Share your kids' memories on Family Network

Your precious memories must be tightly protected. Don't worry about the security because your diary is shared by only the users you register.

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Keep KiDDY Diary in your hand!


Your data in KiDDY stay in a DVD.
They can be saved in your home as back up data
and …

Turn photos into professional videos
Both your photo and text... Look back all by PC
  • Movie (Max length 10min. Sevral movies will be created if many photos were posted)
    if less than 20 photos, this movie won't be created.
  • Diary (Include Title&Comment)
  • Photo Data
Period included in DVD
1 year untill the month selected
System requirements
[Movie] DVD Player / Windows / Mac
[Diary HTML] Windows / Mac
[Photo Data] Windows / Mac
Booklet with Message Form
Get 1
(exclude Tax & Shipping Fee)
Get 3 and Present one to your Parents
(exclude Tax & Shipping Fee)
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Send your beautiful memories to your loved ones

You want your kid's memories shared by your loved ones looking forward to them. From the diary, choose favorite photos to be printed on KiDDY Card. It's automatically delivered to the registered address. The memories are shared by your loved ones any time.

The layout of KiDDY Card varies according to the number of the photos chosen.

KiDDY Card Plans

  • Plan Seal 1 Address Send KiDDY Card to 1 address $2.89 per month

  • Plan Penguin 2 Addresses Send KiDDY Card to 2 addresses $5.69 per month

  • Plan White Bear 3 Addresses Send KiDDY Card to 3 addresses $8.19 per month

Apply for a KiDDY Card Plan

Download the KiDDY app. Apply from the menu "KiDDY Card"

1 Free Card Campaign

Apply for 1 Free KiDDY Card

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KiDDY Characters

KiDDY has many unique characters. Other members will be updated soon.

Penjamin Parker

ペンジャミン パーカー

Free-spirited with spirit of challenge. Eldest son of the Parkers. KiDDY main character

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Make your great shots even greater

KiDDY has 7 photo filters specially developed for babies and kids. The newly built 'Pink-Cheek'filter makes the cheeks look livelier!

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