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New moms and dads, so happy and excited, start taking photos of their kids to keep great memories.

KiDDY was born so that a family can have a stronger bond through those memories of the kids in order to have even greater memories together.
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“Make happy families even happier.” That is the goal of KiDDY.

Family network stands for the network of a ‘family’, which is your closest connection, while ‘social network’ means almost the opposite. Unlike social network, where you share your information with friends of friends of friends, ‘family network’ is the place where we share our private information only among family members.

We believe it is to support this family connection that realizes our goal; make happy families even happier. You know a kid’s smile is contagious, making people around you happy. Similarly, supporting family connections will lead to closer presence of all family members as well as more happiness.
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